Early Fall in the Ozarks?

It’s only August 28th but for the past week, I’ve noticed the first signs of the colors in the trees and it seems to be showing itself more and more each day. Everything so far is indicating an early Fall including the weather. We are seeing upper 40’s in the forecast -or lows in the first week of September and some highs in the 60’s. The cabin has openings in September and still some in October. Call 870-428-5973.

Say cheese!

Hope everyone has had a great summer. It’s almost over and I’m daydreaming about fall here in the Ozarks. This young bear really likes the cabin. He’s been hanging around for several weeks, probably the same one who broke the grill and the bird feeder. He shows up almost every evening, so I have been letting guests know to expect him. A recent guests had put some bird seed out on the table for the birds and snapped this picture of him when he helped himself to the birdseed.



Bear vs Grill, bear wins

The bears have been around all year, and they love to sniff out an outdoor grill. They often will knock them over and probably lick them clean, but this time, the grill didn’t make it. This is a picture after we’ve straightened the lid and attempted to use it. The bear left his paw marks and scratches all over it and ripped out all the insides. There isn’t much point in replacing it until the bears are gone from the area in the late fall. There is still an open fire pit which is perfect for hot dogs, s’mores, brats, and lots of fun memories.


Fun cabin tidbits

On an end table in the cabin is a guest book that states “What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin”. I love reading the messages, in fact, it’s usually the first thing I do when someone checks out. They always tell us about their trip in the Ozarks, such as what hiking trails they ventured on, what restaurants they tried, or what wildlife they saw at the cabin. I noticed today that someone sketched this on the inside of the cover:


In late fall, I made a “snack exchange” basket in the cabin. I filled it with random snacks and left a note for cabin guests to take whatever they like, and leave something for the next guests. The basket has really grown with all sorts of options. I love that guests are taking part in this. Seems like such a small thing, but if you want something different or have a sweet tooth late in the day, it’s not as if there is a store around the corner to go pick something up.


Arkansas Black Bears

Here at the cabin, we border the Ozark National Forest so you can expect to see wildlife. Black bears are a possibility and have been seen around the property already this season. Have your binoculars and zoom lens ready for a great photo! Always remember to keep a safe distance. Also do not leave food outside the cabin or in your vehicle. You can usually shoo’ a bear off by yelling at it and clapping your hands making lots of noise. Many will consider themselves lucky to see a black bear. For more info, you can visit this linkĀ Arkansas Black Bear facts

Spring is booking up fast

Spring is almost here……. or at least we thought so a couple days ago. The weather had warmed up to abnormally high temps for February. The flowers began to bloom in confusion, grass attempted to green, but then here we are at 22 degrees Saturday morning. Winter isn’t over yet but it will be soon enough. Spring dates at the cabin are booking up quickly. My calendar on the VRBO listing is always up to date so you can use that as a guide to select your dates or you can email hollyerwin75@yahoo.com or call 870-428-5973.